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Focusing on the needs of Residents

As of 2017, the U.S. Census bureau reports that Fort Wayne has a population of 265,904 residents and that those residents make up 71.31% of Allen County’s population.  Fort Wayne has expanded its suburban and rural populations through annexations while working diligently to increase its urban core populations.  As such, Fort Wayne residents are diverse and so are their needs. 


Below is a multi-point plan that focuses on those diverse needs, which range introducing Community-Oriented Governance to reimaging Community-Oriented Policing; to prioritizing Neighborhood needs, especially school zones, over Downtown development wants;  from revising Riverfront plans to refocusing on the SE Strategy, to addressing the special needs of local homeless and those who rely on mass transit; from making Fort Wayne sensitive to the needs of our aging residents as well as residents who are breast-feeding while also making Fort Wayne a more attractive destination for those with visual- and hearing-impairments; from creating urban "hobby farm" opportunities to relaxing regulations that hinder local fishing; from getting back to the basics of government (i.e. trash pick up, pothole repair, etc.)to making better use of our pre-existing resources; and so much more. 


 The list of needs is growing and your ideas are still being accepted. 

Focusing on the needs of City Workers

With 2,581 workers employed in seven divisions, 85 departments and sub-departments, the needs of Fort Wayne City Workers are wide and diverse. 


The list of City Worker and Departmental needs is growing;  your ideas are still being accepted. 

Focusing on the needs of Businesses

Support the elimination of Business Personal Property Tax.


Oppose Business Tax Abatements and other economic development incentives that create winners and losers.


Support reducing fees for Transient Vendor Permits.


The list of business needs is growing and ideas are still being accepted. 

General Reforms

Support of Term Limits for the Mayor.

Support Voluntary Pay Reduction for the Mayor.

Support Municipal Campaign Spending Caps.

Support Creation of Deputy Mayor Office and Modifying the Chain of Succession.

Transparency, Accountability and Accessibility

Since 2012, Gina has pledged to increase transparency, accountability and accessibility no matter what elected office she holds.  Here is how she plans to do it.

Committee to Elect Gina Burgess d/b/a VOTE GINA BURGESS
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